Summer Blues

One Saturday a few weeks ago I spent an hour or two painting 27 paintbrushes light blue. When they were dry I painted on each one a different name for blue… there were plenty to choose from. My plan was hatched in the middle of the night and refined the next morning in the cold light of day. We strung them up in the window of the gallery. A quirky take on the bunting idea, an announcement of our new collection, ‘Summer Blues’. brushes-drying2 You see, the gallery window is very much snapshot, a glimpse of whats held inside. It’s an invitation to the passerby, a brief opportunity to catch the eye of a ‘maybe’ visitor. My mind is often sorting through ideas for the window. My 27 words for blue is the summer taster, if you like. K-hanging-brushes The gallery is having a ‘Summer Blues’ theme over August, coinciding with the Padstow Lifeboat day on 11 August, staying open late and offering a glass painting for sale in aid of the local RNLI. We will have some live blues and jazz in the gallery and the offer of a cool glass of something bubbly. Feeling part of the Padstow community is important to us, as is the work of the RNLI –  ‘Summer Blues’ is a little step towards that. brushes-in-window Lapis, midnight, tiffany, cornflower, true, sky, peacock… A few of my favourites blues hanging in the gallery window… and I’ve just thought of another…. Padstow Blue. I must paint another paint brush!


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