There’s something about the colours of glass that is reminiscent of childhood, uncomplicated and bright, like memories of long summer days or the joy of a new set of colouring pens, full of promise and possibility.

My adventure with glass started in the world of stained glass in about 1998, the day I cut my first piece of glass for fusing was in 2002. Choosing blues and greens to represent the sea, I was lost immediately in a memory from the past – and at the same time caught up in the possibilities of what I would make next… and, for me, that is what fused glass is all about. The wonderful fusion of colours and memories and possibilities makes it a very joyful craft, worth celebrating!

That’s why we thought we would do just that this half term – celebrate this lovely craft – celebrate colour and nostalgia. So from 28 May to 5 June we are having a mini exhibition in the gallery called ‘Colour Fusion’. It will be an opportunity for me to revisit a passion for glass and colour that began around 18 years ago.


first-piece_1861My very first piece of fused glass, 2002.


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