A deeper blue – the artist abroad


The summer is slipping away. To hold on to the feel of the warmth of the sun just a little longer, have a little read of these thoughts from one of our gallery artists, Ruth Taylor. One of the joys of being a full time artist is that you can pack up your brushes and paints and head off on a working holiday…

‘This summer I took my paints with me to France. Although the area I visited can look remarkably English with its rolling hills, patchwork fields divided by hedges and dotted with copses of oak and chestnut there are some elements which distinguish it from home and have influenced my new work.


In spring the countryside is dotted with patches of rape but in summer that bright yellow returns with fields of sunflowers, I love their smiling upturned faces but they are equally appealing to me when towards the end of the summer the heads drop, the leaves dry up and the seeds blacken.


The meadows full of wild flowers and butterflies, the colour of the freshly turned soil and the group of dark trees on the horizon all appear in my paintings.

In August the sky there is a deeper blue and when summer storms roll in from the South West the sky darkens and the colour of the sunlit fields intensifies.


I paint as I do in England, head down over a table strewn with oil paints, lids off, brushes, sticks, a comb and a compass, working on five or six paintings at a time, fingers stained indigo and turquoise and so absorbed in the process of painting that I am surprised when I look up and out of the window to find myself in a foreign country.’

Ruth Taylor



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